Lickie Dickie Cleans Up Oral Sex

LOS ANGELES — Alice Bruce was not a fan of oral sex until she developed the Lickie Dickie.

The Lickie Dickie is essentially a scented napkin with a perforation in the center for the penis. The napkin blocks pubic hair and catches fluids while the scent masks any undesirable odors.

“Every time I was approached by my husband for oral sex it seemed like a chore instead of something that I enjoyed,” Bruce told XBIZ. “I knew how much he enjoyed the act, so I set out to make the experience a little better for the giver.”

Bruce, who previously worked as a mortgage broker, began her foray into the adult industry by casually discussing her idea with other women.

“I was quite shocked to find out that most of them were not real fans of oral sex either,” she said. “I also learned that this is something that the younger crowd (in their 20’s) does almost as if it were a kiss.”

Bruce said she proceeded by asking adult retailers for feedback on the product and its logo and packaging.

“They were totally impressed telling me that the great thing about this product is that I have a 100 percent of the market as nothing else like this exists,” she said.

The industry’s encouragement inspired Bruce to patent the product and trademark the name and by the December, the Lickie Dickie was ready for distribution. Now, Bruce’s mission is to spread the word on her product and clear up any misconceptions, she said.

“It seems as though some don't understand the reasoning behind my making the Lickie Dickie genital oral sex napkin,” Bruce said. “Sure, it could be used as a novelty for bacheloretes, grooms or pleasure parties but it wasn't made as a novelty. It was made to help others that have issues with oral sex.

“This product is not for the person that likes messy, wet, slobbery oral sex — it’s for the person that likes to have things a little neater, more hygenic, with the freshest scent in mind.”

Bruce’s future plans for the Lickie Dickie include adding multipackaging as well as new fragrances.

Lickie Dickie is available through Barry at Adult Wholesale Distributors by calling (877) 427-7741, or visiting