Report: Wilkinson's Manager Secretly Met With Vivid

LOS ANGELES — Reality star Kendra Wilkinson was apparently outraged when she learned Vivid was set to release her sex tape. But now, according to reports, it appears Wilkinson had plans to go public with the tape all along.

According to, Wilkinson had her former manager, Matt Cohen, secretly meet with Vivid in 2008 about releasing the sex tape.

"Back in June of 2008, a guy who said he was Kendra's manager, Matt Cohen, came up to me and said that she had a sex tape and was willing to sign off on it,” said Kevin Blatt, a celebrity sex tape broker.

“I deal with a lot of unsavory people in my industry and for someone to approach me and say Kendra has a tape and is willing to sign off on it while she was living at the mansion, I thought, ‘No way is this true.’ But in this case it was!”

“The general public doesn't know how these deals go on" referring to how some celebrities secretly sign off on their own sex tapes, while publicly protesting that they are being released.

Cohen was Wilkinson's manager from 2004 until 2008.

Ever since Vivid announced it was planning to release her sex tape, reports have been circulating that Wilkinson had hired a law firm to prevent Vivid from releasing it.

Other reports suggest Wilkinson herself had been shopping around the sex tape.