Media Covers FSC's Anti-Piracy PSA

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition’s anti-piracy public service announcement featuring various adult stars is making waves in mainstream media. this week ran the PSA, reporting on FSC’s efforts to curb illegal piracy of online porn in an article called, "Porn Stars Decry Piracy in New Video."

“I’m very excited to see mainstream has picked up on it,” FSC’s Joanne Cachapero told XBIZ. “Our goal was to promote public discussion. Content theft has a devastating affect not only on the industry as a whole but it also affects the performers, people who work in production and other service providers.”

Cachapero added that it’s important for mainstream media to perceive workers in the adult industry as regular hard working people.

“There’s a prejudice in the industry that it’s OK to steal from us. We’re not doing anything illegal,” Cachapero said. “We just want people to understand we are deeply affected.”

The PSA also ran on