Tito Ortiz Out on Bail; Jenna Jameson Wants to Work Things Out

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Jenna Jameson said she wants to work things out with Tito Ortiz for the sake of the kids.

Ortiz and Jameson aren't married, but have twin boys together.

Ortiz was arrested this morning for domestic violence at the Huntington Beach, Calif. home he shares with Jameson but released on bail this afternoon.

Although Jameson wants to talk, she told TMZ she can't see Ortiz for a month, likely the result of a restraining order Jameson's father alluded to earlier "as already being done."

She said that the incident this morning between her and Ortiz "wasn't minor" and that she has torn ligaments in her arm.

TMZ reported Jameson's father called 911 this morning at 9:53 and reported a disturbance.

When police arrived to the home, Jameson had "visible injuries."

Just yesterday, Jameson wrote on her twitter page that she and Ortiz were eating at Sushi On Fire, an Orange County restaurant located on Main Street, three blocks from the Huntington Beach Pier.

A source close to Jameson told XBIZ that she sounded great when she spoke to her over the weekend.

"I spoke with Jenna she sounded happy, full of energy and delighted with her life. So, I'm totally puzzled and shocked with what's happening."

The source also said that Ortiz doesn't sound like the type of person to engage in violent behavior.

"He's a very lovely, gentle person," the source said.