'Caligula' Director Tinto Brass Is Hospitalized

ROME — Italian film director Tinto Brass is in stable condition after being admitted to a hospital in northern Italy with a brain hemorrhage.

Brass, who directed the erotic film "Caligula" among others, earlier this year said he plans on producing a feature-length 3D adult film, one he speculated as a "Caligula" remake.

Brass said he planned on shooting the feature as early as May, but those plans may be on hold.

He is recovering in the intensive care unit of the neurological ward of San Bortolo hospital in Vicenza.

"My father is lucid," said Brass' son, Bonifacio. "My sister and I talked to him and he responded."

Throughout his career, the 77-year-old director created many avant-garde films, but he is mostly known for his erotic features “Salon Kitty,” “The Key,” “Senso '45” and, of course, “Caligula,” which was released in 1979.

Brass caught the attention of former Penthouse Publisher Bob Guccione, who recruited the director to make "Caligula" about the cruel and sexually perverse Roman emperor.