Raging Stallion Offers Ricky Martin $1M to Perform

SAN FRANCISCO — Raging Stallion Studios reports it has offered Ricky Martin $1 million to perform in a sex scene with exclusive performer Austin Wilde.

Martin, the Puerto Rican pop singer and actor who got his start in entertainment with the band Menudo, recently announced that he was gay, ending years of speculation about his sexuality.

"We felt that Ricky Martin would be a perfect fit for Raging Stallion," Raging Stallion head Chris Ward. "Men have been fantasizing about having sex with him for years. We are no exception. Our fans would love to see Ricky and Austin fuck."

Ward added that he chose Austin for the pairing because of Wilde's current status as Raging Stallion Man of the Year.

"Austin is one of our hottest guys, and who better to put in bed with Ricky Martin?"

Chris Ward and Tony Dimarco would co-direct the scene, with Steve Cruz as videographer and Kent Taylor as principal photographer, the company said.

Austin, who holds Raging Stallion Man of the Year, said he was floored after learning of the opportunity.

"When Chris called me, I just about fell off my chair," he said. "This is by far, the biggest honor I have ever received."

If Martin agrees to the terms of the offer, the scene would be shot sometime in fall with a scheduled release in January, the company said.

The scene would also be available on Naked Sword, AEBN and in the Gunzblazing membership sites.