Apple Eyes a Mobile 3D Platform

CUPERTINO, Calif.— With the iPad just hitting store shelves, Apple has set its sights on going mobile in 3D.

According to, Apple has filed a patent application for electronic spectacles that would allow film fans to watch 3D movies on the go.

The head-mounted gadget would have a slot for an Apple iPhone or iPod and a special “smart” lens in the device, called iSpecs by fans, would project images from the screen so they could be viewed in comfort.

The lens would split the image into two different frames creating a 3D effect, allowing users to watch 3D movies.

In addition, the application explains the device would allow the user to “relax while viewing image based content on the head-mounted device because he doesn’t have to hold onto the portable electronic device.”

The device would also be fitted with a camera to stream video, and a microphone and other sensors could be embedded for unique control.

The application says it would also be able to detect the user’s head movements and associate those movements with commands for controlling and operating the head-mounted display system.