Calvista Introduces Lylou Line of Exotic Lotions

SYDNEY — Calvista Australia announces the introduction of the new glamour range of Lylou body lotions and exotic creams to the Australian and New Zealand market.

Lylou cosmetic products, which are made in Germany, feature racy fragrances, natural ingredients and a dash of gold glitter. The line ranges from body glamour sprays and perfume to kissable flavored nipple and lip creams, kissable massage oils and intimate warming and cooling lotions.

“It’s an elegant indulgent range offering consumers refined erotic glamour and individuality,” Calvista Australia CEO Michael Bassett said. “The gold dusted perfume is perfect for the club scene as is the sparkling body glamour lotion — girls are loving it, and the 7-ml jars of flavored sparkling nipple creams are a huge hit.”

The company offers free testers and point-of-sale displays.