Larry Flynt Denies Reported Book Deal

Hustler founder Larry Flynt is denying reports that he is publishing a book on the sex lives of the country’s political leaders, XBIZ has learned.

Website Gawker and other media had reported that Flynt had a deal to publish the book titled “One Nation Under Sex: How the Private Lives of Presidents and First Ladies Shaped America.”

And at press time XBIZ confirmed the actual release date of May 2011 with a spokesperson from the publishing house of Palgrave MacMillan in New York.

The publisher’s response to the XBIZ inquiry said, “Notorious Hustler publisher Larry Flynt lifts the veil on the sex lives of our presidents and politicians, revealing how these escapades shaped the sexual culture of the time and what it tells us about American morality.”

But Flynt said there’s no deal. He told XBIZ, ”It is unfortunate that the book was announced prematurely. No doubt this information was released by other publishers who were bidding on it. Our attorneys are looking into the matter.”

Gawker received the book’s 54-page proposal from a tipster and posted in on its site yesterday. The book outline points out the sexual proclivities and peccadilloes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, John F. Kennedy and others.

It was also reported that Flynt’s proposal was said to be academically sourced, so claims that Abraham Lincoln and James Buchanan were gay and that Louis Brandeis got his Supreme Court seat by blackmailing Woodrow Wilson over a mistress were supposedly true.

Some of the more intriguing chapters included in the proposal on Gawker included, “Our Founding Flirts and Fornicators,” “Sex and the Civil War,’ The Swinging Roosevelts,” “America’s Sex Czar,” and “Thank God for Monica!,” among others.

Other reports said that Flynt’s book was co-authored with David Eisenbach, author of "Gay Power: An American Revolution" and co-author with Mike Gravel of "The Kingmakers: How the Media Threatens Our Security and Our Democracy."