Topco Sales Announces Winter Release Product Presentation Webinar

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Topco Sales will hold a free Winter Release Product Presentation Webinar on March 31.

The hour-long webinar will give an overview of Topco Sales’ latest products and marketing tips for using Topco’s Product Featurette Videos to maximize online sales.

"Since the first Topco Sales Product Webinar held last December was so incredibly popular, we decided to hold another,” said Scott Tucker, president and CEO of Topco Sales. “This gives distributors, retailers, and party planners the opportunity to have a presentation brought directly to them in the comfort of their own office. It saves everyone time and money since they don't have to travel to attend."

The Topco Sales Live Product Presentation is intended for buyers, distributors, retailers, party planners and others that would like to see Topco’s winter releases. Registration is simple and requires screening for approval.

"We were overwhelmed by the positive feedback from the first webinar,” said Desiree Duffie, director of marketing and public relations for Topco Sales. “We also had a great time producing it and interacting with the industry. The webinar platform gives us the ability to present Topco Sales' products in a unique way that everyone seems to like and we promise this webinar will be even better than the first."

Topco Sales' account executives Greg Holdridge and Karen Raehpour will be the webinar presenters and discuss product features and selling points. More than 90 items from the Winter 2010 Releases will be featured.

Duffie will discuss the benefits of using Topco Sales Product Featurette Videos. Webinar attendees can ask questions during and after the webinar. There will also be interactive polls and a chance for attendees to win a pizza party for their workplace, delivered to them by Topco Sales' manager of customer relations, Burt Silverstein.