Sexpo Plans to Go Public, Eyes New Markets

QUEENSLAND, Australia — Sexpo late Tuesday said it plans on going public by November and has eyes on new markets, including New Zealand, Europe and the U.S.

The plan, to be revealed at the Brisbane Sexpo in Southbank, Australia, on Thursday, will spell out what the company will do in the next six months and detail strategic partnerships in key markets. Show promoters expect 40,000 attendees at the Brisbane event.

“Essentially this will fund our expansion and enable us to bring the show to new countries, including the U.S.," Rob Godwin, general manager of Sexpo, told XBIZ.

"When the rest of the world thinks of Australian brands, they say Fosters, Vegemite, Qantas, Telstra and now Sexpo. Let’s make Sexpo the biggest Australian entertainment export and be proud of it.

“Our parent company is Australia’s oldest and most successful adult related business with 33 years experience. Recession or boom — sex sells, and I think the combination of this successful track record, with the increased number of visitors to Sexpo, will encourage interest from potential small and large investors.

“We are proud of our heritage but the demand and need for our show to expand around the world is very strong.”

Sexpo attracted over 250,000 people to its exhibitions across Australia and in South Africa last year.

. Additional exhibitions are planned for New Zealand and London in 2011.