Martin Tucker Leaves Topco Sales, Forms MyWorld Group

CHANGPING, China — Topco Sales founder Martin Tucker has parted with the company, taking his China-based manufacturing facility with him to be relaunched as MyWorld Group, a competing novelty manufacturer.

In an interview with XBIZ, Topco Sales Vice President Mike Siegel said the split in no way impacts the way the company does business with its customers.

“The only definitive change that has occurred is that Topco Sales is no longer directly affiliated with the factory operated by Martin Tucker,” Siegel told XBIZ. “Topco Sales is still operating our original China office. There are a variety of factors that have led to this mutual growth decision and our customers can rest assured that the change is for the benefit of everyone involved.”

The fortuitous transition has resulted in Topco Sales expanding its staff and refocusing its involvement with its network of Chinese resources, Seigel added.

“In the grand scheme of things, Topco Sales customers will feel little to no impact from these changes,” Seigel said. “The Topco Sales China office and its domestic location will continue to provide the same high quality processes our customers are accustomed to and with the added benefit of an increasingly superior supply chain.

“Our domestic facilities have always and will continue to serve our customers to the fullest extent, now with the added benefits of a completely dedicated international crew. Our customers remain our highest priority and Topco Sales is excited to bring them the best there is to offer.”

According to a press release sent last week, MyWorld Group officially opened its doors yesterday and with Tucker at the helm, the factory aims to create and manufacture private label novelties and adult toys for distributors, manufacturers and entrepreneurs.

“MyWorld is a direct line to inexpensive manufacturing for businesses all over the world with easy communication in English, Spanish and Chinese,” Martin Tucker said in the press release. “We’re looking forward to operating in a different way; a very personal way that treats each customer’s products as extremely proprietary. We’re also looking forward to creating functional, new designs never-before marketed.”

Tucker is the founder of Topco Sales and inventor of numerous patented adult products and technologies, including Cyberskin products. In 2001, his son, Scott Tucker, took the helm of Topco Sales USA while Martin Tucker moved to China to open the facility in 2003, which was then called High Tech Novelties.

In 2008, Topco's acquisition of HTN positioned the company as a global operation.