Sunny Lane Hip-Hop Video to Promote 'Alice' Movie

HOLLYWOOD — Adult star Sunny Lane is appearing in a new hip-hop music video featuring Baltimore rappers Dirt& Bank that’s being touted as early promotion for her upcoming porn movie “Alice.”

The video was directed by Carlos Batts and Erica McClean, who will also direct Lane as the star in "Alice." The movie is being described as a “sexual slice of the classic “Alice in Wonderland.”

“Oh my I loved making this movie because it was everything I ever imagined. I can’t wait until it comes out and for the fans to see it,” Lane said. “Alice gets so dirty with Chester the Cat, The Mad Hatter, and the Caterpillar.”

The music video, titled “Yeah I,” is a departure for the normally wholesome looking Lane who shakes her ass as the “homies” rap about their manly accomplishments with a heavy dose of nasty lyrics, Lane said.

“I had so much fun shooting this music video because it was a really cool experience and something totally different for me. I like all kinds of music especially when I’m having sex. It depends on my mood and that pretty much determines what I like to listen to while getting dirty. Plus with the music video being connected to the movie that made it even more special for me,” she said.

The music video can be seen at