Topco Sales Releases Handmaiden Series

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Adult novelty manufacturer Topco Sales has announced the release of four patent pending dildos into its Adam & Eve Signature line of products.

The company described as being "one of a kind" due to their unique, flared, finger grip handles. The non-porous dongs are made from 100 percent platinum cured, medical grade silicone.

"The original design for the Handmaiden came to us from an inventor in Australia," said Miranda Lancaster, product development project manager for Topco Sales. "When the original concept was presented everyone in the office was impressed, so, we had a prototype made for testing purposes. The Handmaiden was an across-the-board hit. Our design team was even able to create three additional variations from the feedback we received. This resulted in the Handmaiden being one of our best series of 2009."

The Adam & Eve Silicone Handmaiden Original Pink dong is 5" in length, 1.5" in diameter and has a raised, ribbed pattern on the tip.

Both the Handmaiden G-spot Thrill and the Handmaiden G-spot Seeker are G-spot stimulating products, whereas the slender, 5" long Handmaiden the Original: Anal, Blue is created specifically for anal use and is the only unisex piece in the series.

The Handmaiden G-spot Thrill is 6.5" in length, has raised nubs at the rounded tip and is decorated with a raised two-tone pattern on the side for added sensation. The Handmaiden G-spot Seeker is 4" long, has a deeper curve for extra G-spot pressure and has a thicker, nubbed base to promote external sensation.

"From the moment I saw the first Handmaiden design," Lancaster said, "I knew this was a line Topco Sales had to make."