New Sensations Casting ‘Big Lebowski’ Fans for Parody

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — New Sensations is calling on enthusiastic fans of “The Big Lebowski” to fill sex and non-sex roles of its latest parody “The Big Lebowski — A XXX Parody.”

But first New Sensations is sending out letters to each cast member of the mainstream movie to reprise their roles in the upcoming porn spoof.

“We plan on getting a lot of attention over this video,” publicist Janeen Gensen told XBIZ. “No adult studio has ever done this.”

Gensen noted that TMZ is interested in publishing the letters that New Sensations is sending to mainstream actors Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Tara Reid and others who acted in the Joel Coen-directed movie of the same name.

For the fans, New Sensations plans to choose from a pool of contestants who are required to send audition videos by Feb. 1. The studio will be looking for individuals to fill the roles of Jeffrey “Big” Lebowski, Walter, Brandt, Blonde Treehorn Thug, The Stranger and Liam.

Fans have been drawn into the mainstream movie “The Big Lebowski,” revering it in cult status with its idiosyncratic characters, surreal dream sequences, unconventional dialogue and eclectic soundtrack. The original movie was based in Los Angeles.

For director Lee Roy Myers, the project has become a dream come true, because he’s a big fan of the mainstream movie.

“It is amazing,” he said. “Sex, bowling, cursing, a cable guy, Creedence tapes — ‘Lebowski’ has everything a great pornographic movie needs."

Myers said that the New Sensations is only looking for the most devoted fans to fill roles in the parody, which doesn’t yet have a street date.

New Sensations has produced numerous big-budget features based on parodies of “Scrubs,” “Seinfeld,” and “The Office,” among others.

"This movie is going to show you things that ‘Big Lebowski’ fans have only dreamed about,” Myers said.

Fans can send an email to, describing the role they want. The email also should contain a link to an audition video, preferably from YouTube.