Popbox Set-Top Box Challenges Roku, Boxee

FREMONT, Calif. — Popbox is set to be unveiled this week at the Consumer Electronics Show and launch at stores in March for $129.

Popbox enters an increasingly crowded space for set-top box devices that enable web-streaming directly to TVs at 1080p.

Fremont, Calif.'s Syabas Technology thinks its Popbox’s services will give it an edge and touts the fact that Popbox can handle all types of media, including obscure digital formats.

“It plays everything,” Syabas COO Alex Limberis said. “Any kind of video or audio format — PC and Mac. That is what differentiates us.”

Popbox also streams Netflix and Shoutcast to TVs. Roku and the Boxee Box were the first to stream Netflix to TVs.

In addition, Popbox will offer about 20 “Popapps” from such branded content partners as Facebook, Twitter, video site Blip.TV and gaming site Waterfront Entertainment.

So far, an adult partner is missing, but the company is hoping its open development plaform will remedy that.