Larry Walters Announces New Law Firm

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla.— Adult industry attorney Lawrence G. Walters has formed a new law firm that will start in the new year.

Walters told XBIZ that after nine years of a successful partnership with the firm Weston Garrou that he’s withdrawing from it.

“I will continue to practice at the same location in Altamonte Springs, Fla., under the new name Walters Law Group with my current associate, Kevin Wimberly.”

Walters further said that he’s forming an of counsel relationship with Jennifer Kinsley, who practices in Cincinnati with partners Louis Sirkin and Scott Nazzarine.

Of counsel is the title of an attorney who is employed by a law firm but is not an associate or a partner.

“The move is just a natural progression for my growing practice,” Walters said Monday evening. “My soon-to-be former partners and I are on good terms, and we're working on a few important cases together.

“It was just time to take control of the ship and pursue my particular vision for the firm and its future.

“I am staying in my current office location and maintaining my brand name of in my new practice.

“Starting a new business is always challenging, but my clients and employees have been tremendously supportive so I feel quite fortunate."