Mandating Condoms in Films Will Put Industry More at Risk, Forbes Opinion Says

LOS ANGELES — The adult entertainment business already is doing an excellent job protecting its performers and that any law mandating condoms in films would lead to “unintended consequences” that could hike up outbreaks, says a Forbes opinion piece written by a Reason Foundation research fellow.

The published piece in was a reaction to a symposium and press conference sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and other organizations.

The groups announced plans Friday to develop a strategy that will push California legislation to regulate the adult film industry by mandating the use of condoms in all movies.

“Mandating condoms in all films would lead to unintended consequences that would likely increase, not decrease, HIV outbreaks,” said Forbes columnist Alexandre Padilla, who is an assistant professor of economics at the Metropolitan State College of Denver.

“The reality is that, since the adult film industry implemented its HIV testing policy, all but four performers who tested positive for HIV contracted HIV outside the industry,” Padilla said. “The threat does not come from inside the industry but from outside.

“The costs and consequences of adopting a condom-only regulation far outweigh any benefits. The adult industry has done an excellent job policing and testing itself,” he said.

“The government is likely to do more harm than good to the health of both porn performers and the general public if it meddles in adult entertainment.