Adam & Eve Pictures Making ‘Tiger’s Wood’

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — Adam & Eve Pictures says it will shoot a porn video based on an amourous golf legend named Tiger Woods.

The movie will be titled “Tiger’s Wood”

The film stars Tyler Knight as Tiger and Adam & Eve contract star Kayden Kross as his long-suffering wife.

Directed by David Lord, the movie is slated to be out by February.

“Tyler Knight is the only actor who could play this part,” Lord said. “I thought of him immediately when we were writing the script. Once Tyler signed on, everything immediately fell into place.”

Meredith Christopher, executive producer for Adam & Eve Pictures, said the project is “a natural.”

“Every day, there seems to be some new development or girlfriend exposed, and it really has captured the attention of the public,” she said. “That’s what we want to focus on with ‘Tiger’s Wood.’”

So far, 10 women claim to have been mistresses to Woods.

The New York Post reported Monday that the women linked to the 33-year-old golf champ includes various waitresses, nightclub hostesses and even a porn star.