RedTube Investigators Having Tough Time Finding Hacker Suspects

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Investigators for RedTube have identified a small Michigan business as the IP address account holder that was involved in the redirection of RedTube traffic on July 24.

But after investigators were able to search hard drives by subpoena, they determined that the business also was a victim and could not find data that might point them in a direction to find the hackers.

The private detectives, who acted on information supplied to them by AT&T last month, said that hackers deposited malicious software on one of the Michigan business’ computer and then used it to get into RedTube’s DNS account.

RedTube told the court Monday that it has issued a subpoena on Google for additional information that could lead to the identities of the hackers who obtained its domain-name server password.

RedTube attorneys said that they expect a response from Google by Nov. 30. They asked the court to continue the case until mid February.

"Defendants have gone to great lengths to prevent [RedTube] from discovering their identity,” RedTube attorneys said in court documents.

RedTube parent company Bright Imperial Ltd. of Hong Kong is seeking $6 million in damages against the unnamed defendants.

In its complaint, RedTube said defendants hacked in “with malice, ill will and intent to harm [the tube site].”

RedTube said it lost “millions of visits” by its customers by the hackers’ efforts, as well as lost value to advertising rates that are dependent upon its traffic. The site has about 7.5 million daily users in the U.S.

The suit claims violation of the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, unfair competition, tortuous interference with prospective business advantage and trespass.