Kevin Blatt Featured in New York Magazine

Ariana Rodriguez
NEW YORK — Following the recent leaks of celebrity sex tapes — from California beauty queen Carrie Prejean, Playboy model Shauna Sand and the latest, Jennifer Lopez — New York Magazine interviews sex-tape broker Kevin Blatt.

In the article “Say Hello to Kevin Blatt, Hollywood’s Sex-Tape Broker,” Blatt blames the recent flood of leaked sex tapes on the economy and while there are many more that have been offered to him, not all will be released.

Following a copyright infringement suit involving a Paris Hilton video — the first sex-tape Blatt promoted — 2257 documentation is the first thing Blatt asks for when he is approached with a sex tape, he said.

The suit, which was brought upon by Rick Soloman, Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, was eventually dropped and the legal release by Red Light District of “1 Night in Paris” sold more than 700,000 copies.

While the tape catapulted him as a sex-tape broker, the article also discusses Blatt’s business keeping stolen videos off the market.

According to the article, he began in 2004 when he worked with entertainment attorney Paul Berra — the same attorney that went after him for the Hilton tape — to unearth information about a photographer that was trying to extort $2.5 million from actress Cameron Diaz over a stolen tape.

Blatt told the reporter that he tries to discourage those that approach him with an unauthorized tape from releasing it, and at the same time reaches out to the celebrities involved and their lawyers.

The article concludes with satisfied celebrity customers, guitarist Dave Navarro and actor Jeremy Jackson, who were able to block the release of stolen sex tapes with Blatt’s help.

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