Playboy Mansion Job Offer Was Too Good to Be True

VICTORVILLE, Calif. — Scammed … scammed without job, without booty.

That’s what the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department says happened to more than 30 who thought they were going to work for Playboy at the fabled mansion in Los Angeles’ Holmby Hills last weekend.

Those 30 waited patiently at the Victorville Denny’s parking lot for what they thought were great jobs — working security for the Playboy Mansion on Halloween.

The job seekers gave organizers an upfront fee of $225 a piece for security uniforms, handcuffs, a flashlight and a security-guard card.

The items were to be delivered to them after they were going to be shuttled nearly 50 miles to the Playboy Mansion on Charing Cross Road.

But the shuttle never showed and the scammed waited until about 1 a.m., according to sheriff's deputies.