New South Wales Adult Film Ban Assailed in Poll

DEAKIN WEST, Australia — More than 70 percent in Australia’s New South Wales believe that the state’s ban on the sale of adult video content at brick-and-mortar stores is wrong, according to a study by the Australian Sex Party to be released Tuesday.

The Australian Sex Party study, commissioned by the Eros Association and Sexpo, was created to assist the party assess the electoral landscape.

Sex Party leader Fiona Patten said that the results were a wake-up call to both the Liberal and Labor parties in New South Wales about the “moribund morality that is inherent in many of their policies.”

“Both parties continue to fine and jail adult shop owners for selling federally classified X-rated film,” she said. “Its no wonder that over a third of New South Wales voters feel that there is too much religious influence in politics. It’s like living in Iran or China.”

In the study conducted over two days this month, 72.1 percent of citizens supported the legal sale of adult films from age-restricted adult shops, while 20.5 percent thought they should continue to be banned.

People with children were more supportive of making adult films legal (78.4 percent) than those without (68.5 percent). People in the 25-49 age group were the most supportive (84.1 percent).

Patten said that New South Wales politicians should visit this week’s Sexpo, where an estimated 60,000 people will attend. She said she would organize free tickets and even a private tour for those members who felt they needed support.

“Politicians have a responsibility to keep abreast of these issues in their electorates and to not be dictated to by a handful of religious ideologues in their party,” she said.