Mobile Adult Study Looks at Key Drivers

DUBLIN — It will be critical in the near future for mobile carriers to offer more robust content-filtering tools and legitimate age-verification systems, according to a new report on the mobile adult sector.

JBB Research, which on Friday released “Mobile Adult Content: The U.S. Carriers' Secret Garden,” comes up with that conclusion and gives a birds-eye look into what the future holds.

The think tank said that content-filtering tools and legitimate age-verification systems are necessary because of the growing popularity of off-deck content, carriers' migration toward mobile advertising and an open-network environment.

The 41-page report also concludes that the emergence of small application developers focusing on mobile adult content for mobile app stores should remain a key driver and that by 2013, mobile adult content users will be able to enjoy a full mobile web experience across various platforms and business models, including subscription, ad-based and a la carte revenue models.

It also said that as smartphones become more advanced and affordable with advanced live video streaming capabilities, it expects to see the emergence of new types of mobile adult content services like mobile video chat.

Mobile advertising is expected to continue to gain momentum in the U.S., with rich ad-funded or ad-supported mobile adult content services and content. “This should help drive the price erosion, and drive the adoption of mobile adult content services,” the study said.

The study also ranked the four major U.S. carriers based on filtering tools and age verification.