Private, Beate Uhse Expand European Distribution Deal

BARCELONA — Private Media Group said Thursday it expanded its European DVD distribution agreement with Beate Uhse AG in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The Private deal, through Netherlands-based subsidiary Scala Agenturen BV, will ramp up B2B and B2C marketing efforts for their DVD distribution business in the western European region known as Benelux.

Beate Uhse already has a deal with Private over DVD distribution in Scandinavia and magazine distribution in Germany.

And Private said it also expects for the two companies to explore additional opportunities in other regions.

"Private and Beate Uhse are the two dominant adult brands in Europe, and this new collaboration provides consumers with optimal access to high-quality adult entertainment with compelling new incentives and exciting promotions,” Private CEO Ilan Bunimovitz said.

Beate Uhse operates about 260 shops in 11 European countries and also runs, its online retail site. The public company also operates a video program available on IPTV, mobile and VOD, and sells videos under the Daring! label.

Private, also a public company, sells DVDs and magazines and operates numerous mobile and online network operations in 36 countries. The company also owns