Playboy, eFashionSolutions Strike ECommerce Deal

SECAUCUS, N.J. — It was only four months ago that Playboy waged a battle against eFashionSolutions, its ecommerce operator, claiming it breached a contract when it canceled website-management obligations for

Today, the companies not only have settled their grievances, but the pair have extended a deal for eFashionSolutions to manage operations of retail brands and

Terms of the deal were not disclosed on Monday.

“We believe our new partnership strategy will help maximize our resources and realize the largest opportunities for growth,” eFashionSolutions CEO Edward Foy said.

Secaucus, N.J.-based eFashion promotes itself as “a leader in ecommerce operations for designer, luxury and celebrity fashion brands.” It also operates sites for DKNY, Sean Jean, Baby Phat and New Era, among others.

eFashionSolutions offers six different languages with 12 foreign currency conversions, shipping to more than 200 countries

Playboy’s licensed products generate in excess of $800 million in global retail sales in more than 150 countries.

The two companies began a legal squabble in June when eFashionSolutions terminated its Playboy deal.

The cancellation of the contract was made after dinner meeting between Foy and Scott Stephen, executive vice president and general manager of Playboy Digital, who is responsible for Playboy’s ecommerce and catalog businesses.

In the suit, Playboy said that eFashionSolutions repeatedly failed to honor its end of the deal. That suit was later dropped.

Playboy’s relations with eFashionSolutions have shifted, however. Stephen on Monday said that the companies will “look forward to continuing our relationship.”

“Playboy’s online retail business, which makes Playboy-licensed products available around the world, is pivotal to the expansion and success of our global brand," he said.