Nookie Parties Owner Running for N.J. State Assembly

TRENTON, N.J. — Stepfanie Velez-Gentry is the owner of Nookie Parties LLC, a sex-toy party organizer, and is a Republican who is in the running for one of two open seats in New Jersey’s District 5 state assembly.

District 5 includes the city of Camden and part of Philadelphia. Her opponents include Donald Norcross, the brother of South Jersey power broker George Norcross, and Camden City Council President Angel Fuentes.

According to reports, the Tupperware-party-like events Velez-Gentry organizes have given her a venue to meet voters and network. She told XBIZ so far she has gotten very good feedback.

“When other women voters see me at a party they always say ‘you go, girl’ and say ‘knock ‘em dead,’” Velez-Gentry said. “I always get a high-five and lots of support where ever I go.”

Without referring to the nature of her business, Velez-Gentry described herself as small business owner like any other.

“I am just like the other citizens of my district, as I am a small-business owner trying to make a decent living in these trying times,” she said. “I am a coupon-clipping, Walmart-shopping soccer mom who enjoys free time with others in the community. I hope to make this community a happier place for my children and the people of my district.”

Velez-Gentry started Nookie Parties in 2007 and currently employs about 200 people nationwide — about half of which operate online stores as affiliates earning 25 percent.

She said many online employees came onboard via word-of-mouth and minimal advertising. Webmasters can sign up for their own online store, the “Online Diva Program,” for $10.

“My business is wonderful because it is part-time so I can make my own hours as my reps can, so I can be involved in my children’s lives and in my community.” offers novelty items including lotions and potions, costumes, lingerie and sex toys for men and women.