LoveHoney Releases Oral Sex Simulator

BATH, England — Online adult retailer has released a patent-pending oral sex simulator called the Sqweel, which features a rotating wheel of 10 tongue-like extensions.

Rather than vibrate or thrust like most sex toys on the market, the Sqweel simply offers a speed-controlled lapping motion meant to act like controlled licks of a tongue. The company said it developed the technology exclusively for the Sqweel.

“Sqweel feels completely different to a vibrator,” said company sex expert Tracey Cox. “While it's not a real tongue, it's the closest you'll ever get to it. It gives an entirely different sensation to a normal vibrator."

LoveHoney representative Ruth Wilkinson told XBIZ the company has nearly sold out of the first batch, which only was made available three days ago. They’ve have to limit purchases to one per person.

The Sqweel features three speeds operated by a switch, and by flipping the toy upside down, users can benefit for a bit more stimulation in reverse mode. Wilkinson reminds customers that the more lube used the better.