Adult Entrepreneur Produces, Stars in Zombie Mafia Movie

ATLANTA — Adult entrepreneur John J. Cornetta taps into his passion for acting with the theatrical release of the mainstream horror flick “Lynch Mob.”

Cornetta is the founder and owner of dozens of adult companies, including the Love Shack Romance Depots, Adult Store Buyer magazine, Xcitement magazine and the StorErotica tradeshow, among others.

In “Lynch Mob,” Cornetta is the executive producer of “Lynch Mob,” in which he also appears acting alongside Tony Darrow, who appeared on “The Sopranos” and in the popular gangster movie “Goodfellas.” The movie also stars Paul P. Borgese, who recently appeared in the mainstream movie “Julie & Julia.”

While the movie was shot over the course of about 90 days, Cornetta told XBIZ that the (expensive) big-name stars filmed their scenes in two optimized 18-hour days.

“We shot on a shoestring budget with several scenes filmed here inside my house,” Cornetta said. “We worked very, very hard without anticipating a theatrical release.”

Cornetta’s independent film production company, First Cinema, partnered with film company Spry Brothers Films, which led to the inking of a distribution deal with Columbus, Ga.-based Carmike Cinemas. “Lynch Mob” premiered nationwide in Carmike Cinemas locations in 28 states on Sept 18.

“We’ve gotten a great response,” Cornetta said.

He said that the idea for “Lynch Mob” came from a Google search on “what sells.” His results turned up blood, sex, mafia, horror and killing. The movie received an R rating for “pervasive strong bloody horror violence and gore, sexuality, nudity and language.”

According to Cornetta, satisfying the Motion Picture Association of America was the biggest task in the movie-making process. It took a year and a half of editing and seven rejections from the organization before the movie was ready to release.

“Lynch Mob” involves the rural town of Lynchburg, Ga., which is inhabited by flesh-eating zombies that survive on travelers lured into their town. “Problems arise when the federal government releases a street-savvy criminal into their community under the witness relocation program.”

Cornetta said he has been careful in keeping his adult businesses separate from his acting career. “Ron Jeremy does not make an appearance in ‘Lynch Mob,’” he joked, but assures “I’m extremely proud of my adult businesses. If anyone approached me with an idea for an adult production — I’d say ‘how much?’”

Cornetta entered the adult industry in the late ‘80s, considering it a lucrative career compared to his previous acting gig as an extra alongside Burt Reynolds on an ABC television series.

While currently in the midst of two lawsuits against the city of Johns Creek, Ga., regarding signage issues and his Love Shack retail store, Cornetta returned to adult after going on hiatus and opened two new stores.

His role in “Lynch Mob” opened the door to new opportunities as he is working on a new movie project, “The Sixth Family,” which centers around a New Jersey crime family.

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