BonoboCash Adds Dynamic, Hosted Video Galleries

Bob Preston
MONTREAL — Gay adult affiliate company has added dynamic, hosted video galleries to its arsenal of marketing tools.

BonoboCash marketing head William Godin said that the impetus to add the new galleries came from affiliate demand.

"The response from our affiliates to our initial offering of BonoboCash has really exceeded all of our expectations, " he said. "Affiliates are making great use of our lineup of marketing tools, and they really like our conversion rates. This has encouraged us to kick it up a notch, as they say, and so we've enhanced the marketing tools we have, but we've also added new tools and some new features we haven't seen anywhere else."

Godin said that the dynamic, hosted video galleries won't supplant any of the company's existing affiliate tools, but that his team will encourage affiliates to focus on video content.

"We know that customers like photos, but they love video," he said. "So we've added hosted video galleries to the lineup, and we are confident we have done it in a way that will make affiliates very happy."

The hosted videos emulate the style of YouTube, with options to embed the video elsewhere or to email a convenient link. In any case, the affiliates' tracking codes will carry over and contribute to their earnings.

"Bloggers will be especially interested in the embed feature, which will allow them to put the video updates on their blogs anywhere they like," Godin said.