AMG, Taschen Team for 'Bob's World'

SAN FRANCISCO — All-male studio Athletic Model Guild (AMG) has teamed with publishing powerhouse Taschen for a photobook touting the color photography of erotica pioneer and AMG founder Bob Mizer.

Production of "Bob's World: The Life and Boys of AMG's Bob Mizer" was overseen by Taschen "sexy book editor" Dian Hanson.

She was drawn to Mizer's work while editing last year's "The Big Penis Book," also by Taschen, which reintroduced his color photos to fans and photography aficionados.

The book is "the first publication to look exclusively at Mizer's color photography," an AMG rep said. "In the past, critics, collectors and publishers focused largely on his groundbreaking black-and-white posing strap images."

"I wanted to do this book as soon as I saw the color photos for 'The Big Penis Book.' The quirky backdrops, the vibrant gels, the playful attitude of the models, their straight hoodlum charm and Bob's eccentricity shining through all grabbed me immediately," said Hanson.

The "bold yellows, reds and blues and lush gradients provide the backdrops for the hyper-masculine archetypes and surreal scenarios that populated Mizer's mind," notes Hanson, drawing a comparison to the current work of such photographers as David LaChappelle.

Although she plans to produce another photobook highlighting Mizer's B&W photography, Hanson found the color pictures "sexier, and not just because the models are naked. There's a rougher, less polished look to them, a sense of danger."

The hardcover measures 9.6 x 12.6 inches, runs 288 pages with more than 250 photos and includes an oral history of AMG with commentary from artist David Hockney, photographer Jack Pierson and erotica pioneer David Hurles.

"Bob was an extremely reserved person," notes AMG President Dennis Bell. "This book blows the top off of his closely guarded persona. It's the most honest, most original book ever published about the reigning king of beefcake."

"Bob's World" is available now via the official AMG online store and goes out to retailers October 1st. For wholesale-retail inquiries by phone, call (877) AMG-DIRECT.