Adult Studios to Sue 65,000 S. Koreans Next Week

SEOUL — In a second round against piracy, U.S. and Japanese adult studios have plans to sue 65,000 in S. Korea suspected of downloading poached porn.

In July, a group of 50 adult studios representing 50 adult producers filed a consolidated copyright suit against 10,000 South Korean individuals who were identified as “heavy uploaders” of porn.

But the prosecution decided to investigate only those who uploaded the films more than three times, with only 10 of them being held legally responsible.

With those paltry figures in hand and dissatisfied with results, they announced Friday to file a lawsuit next week against 65,000 Korean Internet users.

According to the Korea Times, the law firm involved with the 50 studios said it will take legal action against about 80 Internet service providers for helping distribute the content.

One of the lawyers, Kim Han-Seo, said that the S. Korea government has been too lenient with offenders.

"We'll see whether the prosecutors will press charges against them all,” he said.