Naked News Plans to Re-enter S. Korea Market

SEOUL — South Korea's Naked News closed up shop in late July after more than a couple months of operation, but the show’s president says it may be back in the Asian country.

Egalaxy Multimedia Inc. President David Warga told XBIZ that the reason the South Korean version of Naked News ended several months after it was launched was that franchisee operators simply had a “falling out” with each other.

“The launch was fantastic — we had 109 members of the press there — and the traffic was great,” Warga said. “Clearly the partners couldn’t get along, and they won’t be among ones we select in the future.”

Warga said that he’s involved in initial discussions for replacing the South Korean franchise with new owners.

South Korea’s Naked News got off the ground in late May, providing programming with actual presenters from Seoul.

Naked News, which launched in 1999 and includes all-nude news, sports and entertainment, is available on the web and on mobile devices, as well as in North American via iNDEMAND, TVN, Bell ExpressVu. Daily programming on the web starts at $9.95 a month.

The company has versions in Spain, Italy and Japan, as well as for North America.