Opera Offers Browser Update on Tuesday

OSLO, Norway — Opera Software will release version 10 of its browser Tuesday, which includes a bandwidth-booster mode called Turbo for slow Internet connections, as well as a slew of new features and a fresh interface.

Opera has been available for years as an alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s second-ranking Firefox, Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome. It now ranks No. 5 after being pushed down by the introduction of Chrome.

With its latest version, Opera has an improved Speed Dial, which offers improved thumbnails when a surfer opens a new browser tab. This version, however, is more configurable and displays four to 24 favorites sites at a time as thumbnails.

It also has improved tab handling, allowing a configured browser so that thumbnails of all of your tabs appear above each tab. The thumbnails are resizable as well.

There also other new features, including a spellchecker and built-in email client, and the compression-driven Turbo mode.

Opera claims the browser is more than 40 percent faster than Opera 9.6.

But the big drawback with Opera — unlike IE, Firefox and Chrome — is that it doesn’t allow a privacy mode, which is a big deal for porn surfers because it erases any trace of a session after you close the browser.

Opera's browser download will be available here on Tuesday.