AHF to File Cal-OSHA Complaints Against 16 Adult Entertainment Studios

LOS ANGELES — The AIDS Healthcare Foundation intends to file formal complaints against 16 adult entertainment companies tomorrow with the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal-OSHA) in order to push for mandatory condom legislation.

In order to support its workplace safety complaints AHF cites 58 adult films — 56 of which don’t feature condom use — from 16 local production companies.

The production companies to be named in the complaints are Anarchy Films, Backend Productions, Blue Pictures, Critical X, Hustler Video (an unnamed DVD title from LFP-distributed X-Play is cited), Heatwave Entertainment, Immoral Productions, Latin Media, Legend, Mayhem, Maverick Entertainment, Raw Flesh, Sin City, Top Dog/Magnus Productions, Vivid Entertainment and Club Jenna.

AHF has joined forces with former porn performer Shelly Lubben’s Pink Cross Foundation to hold a press conference tomorrow at the Universal Sheraton in Universal City to detail the complaints it plans to deliver in person after the presser.

According to the group’s press release, “AHF’s Cal-OSHA complaints will assert that the films demonstrate unsafe — potentially life-threatening — behavior in a California workplace, as the sexual acts filmed without participating performers using condoms depict the unprotected exchange of bodily fluids.”

“Los Angeles County Public Health officials cannot keep passing the buck on this by playing ping-pong on this with the state and the industry itself," AHF President Michael Weinstein said. "That is why we are filing these complaints with Cal-OSHA [tomorrow].”

Tomorrow’s activities are the latest high-stakes moves by AHF meant to encourage lawmakers into passing mandatory condom legislation in porn. The group sued Los Angeles County last month alleging that public health officials did nothing to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases after it was reported that a single performer contracted HIV from a person outside the industry.