XFANZ TV's Look at Vouyer Media's 'Fetish' Continues

LOS ANGELES — XFANZ TV's a look behind the scenes at Vouyer Media's "Fetish Fucks 4" continues today.

Today's installment starts with a look at photographic technique.

"I like to shoot in natural light," director Van Stylez tells the camera. "I like the look of it more than strobes. Although I do use strobes from time to time."

The XFANZ camera also looks at performers Charlotte Vale and Mark Ashley preparing for their scene.

"I picked up some wardrobe courtesy of Stockroom," Stylez says. "The scene is most likely going to be Mark domming her, with a lot of scenes that feature the girl's butt. Maybe some spanking."

Stylez tells the XFANZ camera that he encourages his performers to contribute to their scenes.

"I find it's more fun like that, it's like live performance," Stylez says. "Performers have more fun when they can get into it and express their own personalities. If they have the good energy and they want to bring something, let them bring it."

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