China Shuts Down Online Adult Program That Has 12 Million Members

SHANGHAI — Jiangsu province authorities have shut down one of the largest online adult companies in the country in its ongoing obscenity crackdown.

The bust is remarkable because the Dikamin “league” has 13 adult websites that service more than 12 million registered members, with an additional 10,000 “VIP” recurring memberships.

A league is known as a version of an affiliate program, relying on paid membership for bulletin boards that include content, as well as the ability to share it.

Police said Dikamin and two other Chinese-language online adult programs have servers located in the U.S., “which pose an extreme threat to China’s citizens.”

XBIZ was able to track Dikamin servers back to a Grand Avenue address in downtown Los Angeles.

Authorities also said that it is the first time that a government agency has managed to shut down overseas adult websites. They also arrested 12 employees on Wednesday, as well as the owner — known as Mr. Shen. At one point in time Shen had 300 marketers tending to the websites in China.