ABC News: Adult Businesses Gaining Support From Women

SAN FRANCISCO — The ABC News show "Nightline" presented a seven-minute feature last night on the growing popularity of adult material with women.

Starting with a clip from the HBO show "Sex in the City" with the characters admiring a vibrator and Good Vibrations sexologist Carol Queen saying, "Women who are interested in this stuff have been interested in it all along," the report speaks with adult directors Nica Noelle and Candida Royalle; takes a look at a new female-friendly adult store in Alexandria, Va., and the long-running San Francisco boutique Good Vibrations; and visits a yoga studio that includes orgasm meditation in its daily sessions.

To show the difference between new female-friendly productions and older movies, the segment takes a look at the John Holmes feature "The Devil in Mr. Holmes."

"Just 26 seconds of setup until the first sex scene," reporter David Wright observes. "And the sex is over in under a minute. Compare that to director Nica Noelle's 'The Stepmother: Sinful Seductions': Seven minutes, 32 seconds of plot before the clothes even come off, and the sex goes on for 32 minutes."

Royalle speaks of her experiences as an adult performer in the 1970s before directing her own productions.

"I got a firsthand look at what they were really like," Royalle said. "There's no foreplay, and no buildup. It's just very direct: 'We're gonna have sex.'"

The report can be viewed at the ABC News website.