Phoenix New Times Publishes Extensive Article on Taryn Thomas

PHOENIX — Alternative newsweekly the Phoenix New Times has published an in-depth article on adult performer and local resident Taryn Thomas in this week’s edition. Thomas also appears on the paper’s cover.

Titled “Risque Business: If Porn Star Taryn Thomas is Any Indication, the Valley of the Sun May Be the Next Porn Capital of the World,” written by Niki D’Andrea, the article delves deeply into many facets of Thomas’ life from her initial entrance into porn and now her resurgence with her own company.

Also addressed is the Valley of the Sun’s status as a burgeoning desert porn capital. Arizona-based adult entrepreneurs mentioned include Buzz Aziani of, Steve Lightspeed of, former resident Jenna Jameson, and CCBill.

The article frankly discusses Thomas’s past drug problems and expensive spending habits that eventually led to her departure from the industry in 2006. She kicked her drug habit shortly after leaving California and tried her hand at a variety of jobs.

In 2007 she returned with LA Direct Models as her agent. D’Andrea then goes on to chronicle Thomas meeting her fiancé on the set of an adult production, and the couple has since formed a production company, Taryn It Up Entertainment.

Also discussed in the piece is Thomas’ fiance’s relationship with Crazy Cabbie and the adult movie shot in Howard Stern’s old radio studio. Her fiancé Brett and Cabbie produced the movie but recently had a falling out and after much indecision, the tape has not been made commercially available.

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