XFANZ TV's Look at Vouyer Media's 'Fetish' Continues

LOS ANGELES — XFANZ TV's a look behind the scenes at Vouyer Media's "Fetish Fucks 4" continues today.

"I'm a director/photographer/editor/et cetera," Van Stylez tells the camera. "The fetish in this edition is the big-butt fetish, for all of you out there who can't stop staring at girls' rear ends when they walk by."

The XFANZ camera also looks at performers getting made up and dressing in cutout latex dresses.

"Each installment has been different fetishes," Stylez says. "The first few, each scene had its own fetish. We did light bondage, stockings, fem-dom, light spanking, foot fetish. Something that can appeal to just about everybody. This one, the whole movie is just one fetish."

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