Caden Readies 2nd 'Green' Vibe

DUBLIN, Ireland — Caden Enterprises, the Irish company that recently released the environmentally friendly Earth Angel vibrator, has announced a new model, the Dark Angel.

The Dark Angel is all black, and comes packaged with a USB cord and a clear TPE vibrator sleeve in "funky new packaging." The second edition of the original Earth Angel will also come packaged with the cord and sleeve.

The vibrators power up from a USB connector or a wind-up key. Unused power is stored in the vibrator for future use. The reusable power sources preclude the use of disposable batteries, which use heavy metals — including mercury, cadmium and lead — that can cause environmental pollution after being discarded.

“The reason behind the basic shape of the original product was specifically for the ease of use with vibrator sleeves," a Caden Enterprises spokesperson said. "There are loads of different sleeves available on the market and this allows customers to personalize their Angel to their own specific taste.”

The Dark Angel vibrator is currently in production and Caden Enterprises expects to launch it into the retail market in late September or early October.