Klixxx Wins Toshiba Ad Account

Gretchen Gallen
Florida – In a rare crossover between mainstream advertising and those advertisers relegated only to the adult entertainment industry, Klixxx Magazine of Klixxx Publishing, LLC, stuck a feather in its cap this week after penning a deal with electronics giant Toshiba.

In its first-ever appearance in an adult magazine, Japan-based Toshiba America, Inc., which specializes in advanced electronics for the home and office, will advertise its web cam products in the adult entertainment magazine directed at working webmasters.

Toshiba's featured product in its campaign is the IK-WB11A mega pixel wireless network camera that captures high-resolution audio and video images via the Internet using a standard web browser.

The full-page ad will appear on page 10 of Klixxx's October issue and will run through January. The deal with Toshiba marks the very first time that a mainstream manufacturing company has chosen to advertise with Klixxx. The ad will also appear on the Klixxx website.

Joe D, editor of Klixxx, told XBiz that he hopes the breakthrough alliance with Toshiba will serve as a calling card for wrangling in other big players in the advertising world.

"We would like to target big names like Cisco and Microsoft, companies that have products that would be of interest to adult companies, but this is the first time we have succeeded," he told XBiz. "We hope other industries will respond in the future. Toshiba took a chance."

Joe D added that while many mainstream companies make revenue off adult sites, they tend to avoid any direct association.

In many ways, the Toshiba/Klixxx deal will be the proof in the pudding, and depending on the success of the ad campaign could possibly signal an advent for the adult world.

Klixx is urging any adult webmasters who are looking for web cam products to consider reciprocating the gesture by making a purchase through Toshiba.

"When Toshiba made the decision to place this advertising in Klixxx for their web cam products, they recognized the potential of reaching working webmasters to help spread the word on their new product line and show the electronics and Internet manufacturing community the power of the adult entertainment industry in e-commerce," said Joe D. "We hope to do just that."