Cammarata Suffers Setback in RedTube Suit

LOS ANGELES — A judge has ruled in favor of some of the defendants in the lawsuit filed by TeenRevenue founder Kevin Cammarata against tube site RedTube and its advertisers.

"The lawsuit is an example of what is known as a SLAPP ["Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation"] suit," attorney Lawrence Walters — who represents Internet hosting company and RedTube advertisers, Generation Financial d/b/a, and in the suit — told XBIZ. "It's not allowed under California law, and the court recognized — at least with respect to the advertisers — that this is a SLAPP suit and granted our motion and dismissed the case against the advertisers based on SLAPP grounds. The next issue to be determined is the amount of attorneys fees owed to our clients."

The judge's order, which was issued July 20, granted the advertisers' motion that the suit violated a California anti-SLAPP statute.

The attorney for Cammarata was not available when XBIZ called.

A motion to dismiss the charges against Internet host Choopa LLC will be heard July 30. An evidentiary objection, which was heard last week, is expected to be ruled on today.