XFANZ TV Winds Up Look at New Sensations' 'Friends' Parody

LOS ANGELES — XFANZ TV takes a last look behind the scenes at New Sensations' "Friends: A XXX Parody" today.

The sequence starts with veteran performer Evan Stone complaining, "I have to have sex with three girls today. That's three times the work.

"I'm going to have to charge three times as much."

After Vanessa Naughty and Jordan Kinsley improvise a ring-toss game with a dildo on Naughty's forehead, Stone laments his situation.

"I just do a job that no other American wants to do," Stone says. "You're covered with lube all day, you have to fuck a girl you barely know ..." The sequence ends with a look at the shooting of the iconic opening credits sequence, shot at an L.A.-area fountain at a stable.

"It'll be funny. We're going to play around with it," director Lee Roy Myers says. "It still is the porn version."

To watch the report, visit the XFANZ website.