Treasure Island Media Gets 'Pounded' in London

SAN FRANCISCO — Director Liam Cole has been "Pounded" for all-male studio Treasure Island Media. The edgy, hardcore sexfest boasts a variety of extreme fetish items on its menu.

Cole is a protégé of TIM founder Paul Morris. "Pounded" is a follow-up to his popular hardcore-fetish fuck flick "Bad Influence," released late last year.

"I'm loving watching this young buck's exploration of London's sleazy raw-fuck underground," Morris said. "Liam is the real deal. 'Bad Influence' was impressive, sure. But 'Pounded' brings it all home. And his new star, Aaron Lamb, is without a doubt the hottest cum-starved wild man I've seen in years.

"I'm flying to London to fuck him myself."

In addition to Lamb, the 19-member cast includes "hungry-assed, no-limits, Euro-whore bottoms" Brent Bow, Tommy Haine, Ricky Hunter, Adam King, and singly named Pitpig, all of whom "take a British pounding from the U.K.’s biggest uncut and uncovered cocks including infamous Titch Jones and his fat ten-and-a-half incher," a studio publicist said.

"Pounded" counts eight scenes running 82 minutes. A 19-minute bonus scene is included among the DVD features.

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