Tabitha Stevens Gets Interactive for 3rd Degree

LOS ANGELES — If you’ve ever wanted to have Tabitha Stevens to control all to yourself, you’ll have a chance in September when 3rd Degree releases “Total Interactive Control of Tabitha Stevens.”

Stevens, who got in the business in 1995 through former performer Raquel Darrian after a chance encounter at a Las Vegas gym, has never done an interactive movie before, so she decided to take the concept into her own hands and produced it herself along with her husband, Gary Orona.

The couple shot “Total Interactive Control” at the Historic Midland Hotel, converted by Orona into a 10,000 square foot production studio in Green River, Utah. Orona’s production resume is extensive. He has a multitude of credits as a producer and director on numerous late-night HBO and Cinemax series in addition to feature film work, pay-per-view specials, commercials and music videos.

“We did the entire show ourselves and I’m so proud of it — from the sex to the DVD menus,” Stevens told XBIZ. “We got a lot of input from [Mike] Quasar and I just said, ‘let’s do it.’ Mike thought it was so cool, so he brought it to [Zero Tolerance President] Greg Alves and that’s basically how it all happened.”

Stevens said one of the unique features of the movie is the “true POV” camera angle.

“Sometimes when you watch interactives, and the camera is placed really high so the viewer doesn’t feel like he’s really in on the action,” Stevens said. “In my interactive it has more of an up-close, handheld feel so it’s as close as you can possibly get without actually fucking me!”

Stevens’ mood can be toggled by the viewer from “Dirty” to “Sweet” — the set changes according to her mood — along with the requisite choices of selecting the sex act and position you want to see Stevens in. One of the DVD’s new features is what Stevens called a pyramid quick-nav that enables the viewer to easily skip to specific selections on the DVD.

Stevens also brought in a reality element to her interactive DVD. The movie was shot in 11 different locations and includes scenarios like Stevens hitchhiking and getting picked up. Stevens also performs in her first anal scene in seven years.

“I loved every minute of doing this,” Stevens said. “It’s just so real. I was happy that Quasar took it to Greg because they put out a great product. Zero Tolerance and 3rd Degree really set the bar high with interactive sex movies and to have this for my fans is something special.”

“Total Interactive Control of Tabitha Stevens” is expected to street in September through 3rd Degree.