MadisonAvenue.Com Announces New Targeting Abilities

ATLANTA — Online advertising broker has announced the launch of new functionality to allow advertisers to target campaigns based on location, sexual orientation and content niche.

“Now our advertisers can target in any way possible," CEO Marc Womack said. "They can now target visitors in the specific countries they want."

Orientation targeting is available on both of the company’s campaign types: branded campaigns that use the advertiser’s creatives and targeted house ads that use creatives created by

“These are tough times, and it’s more vital now than ever that advertisers are applying their money toward the campaigns that will generate the highest possible ROI for them," Womack said.

" To celebrate he new functionality, is offering 150,000 free visits of filler ads product, which is currently under development, for any purchase of a new targeted house ads campaign of $5,000 or more until the end of June.

The platform launched in summer of 2007, and is now an ad rotation and revenue maximization tool for publishers. Advertisers can use the platform to buy robust campaigns utilizing multiple ad types across many publishers and manage all aspects of their campaigns online 24/7/365.