R&B Singer Spectacular Gets $100K Offer to Pose Nude

MIAMI — Publishers of the gay ethnic magazine Flava Men have offered $100,000 to R&B singer Spectacular to pose nude in an upcoming issue.

Spectacular is a member of the Miami-based group Pretty Ricky. He inadvertently triggered a internet sensation when, in an effort to promote the group's new single "Tipsy," he posted a YouTube video of himself gyrating to the song and wearing only a pair of tight, red bikini briefs. The clip spread virally through the blogosphere.

As the video's popularity grew, internet gossips questioned Spectacular's sexual orientation. The original "Tipsy" clip is no longer accessible on YouTube. In several subsequent interviews, the singer declared it had been intended "strictly for the ladies" and challenged other male entertainers to step up their game. In a replacement clip he wears black boxer briefs.

"Flava Men Magazine, produced and distributed by parent company Flava Works, has officially made an offer to Spectacular to pose nude," a company rep said. "We have secured and confirmed private investors to provide him with $100,000 in compensation for a photo spread featuring him as the magazine's cover model."

"Some have loved the video while others have criticized him for his moves and view them as feminine in dancing style," the rep said. "In the YouTube video Spectacular calls out Trey Songz, Day26, Chris Brown and Omarion to a grinding competition. He even mentions Bow Wow, who does not grind and is a rap artist."

"We made the offer due to our belief that even straight men can pose for Flava Men Magazine. Our target audience is gay ethnic men of color but many of its models do not engage in sexual acts or practice a homosexual lifestyle," said Flava Works CEO Phillip Bleicher.

"I would love for Spectacular to do a spread. He would be the first male celebrity to do so. That would be history."

At post time, Spectacular had not publicly responded to the offer.