Cal/OSHA 'Moving Forward' on HIV Positive Performer Investigation

LOS ANGELES — The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, Cal/OSHA, is mounting a probe of an HIV-positive test of an unnamed adult performer.

"We are moving forward on gathering information to build an investigation," Cal/OSHA spokesperson Dean Fryer told XBIZ. "We don't know who the employer is or who was infected, but as soon as we get that information we can start."

So far, AIM Healthcare, which handles STD testing for adult performers, has refused to identify the performer or studio.

Fryer said the investigation would be in cooperation with L.A. County Public Health authorities.

The last positive HIV result in the adult industry, in 2004, led to a month-long voluntary moratorium on production, with nearly 50 performers quarantined.

After the female performer tested positive for HIV, her onscreen partners were placed in adult employment quarantine. AIM Healthcare administrator Brooke Hunter described the number of partners as "a handful."

The quarantined performers will have to test negative for two 14-day testing periods before the quarantine is lifted.

A number of production companies contacted by XBIZ have reported different protocols for handling performers' test results when shooting scenes with the proviso that the companies not be specifically identified.

One company said that they accept tests for 28 days "from date of draw" and three companies said that they require a test recent within 30 days, with one elaborating, "They need clean tests for HIV, chlamydia and gonorrhea. I've cancelled shoots if they didn't have tests."

A representative from another company said that if a performer didn't have a copy of a current test, "the director will go online and get current test results. If results are pending, that performer will not work that day."

Another company told XBIZ that its performers have to test 10 days prior to shooting "in case they have to medicate" and then test again immediately prior to production. ”You're either positive for something or you aren't. We don't shoot people with lesser STDs." This company also verifies all test results with AIM.

The production companies all told XBIZ that they keep copies of tests.

Representatives of the Los Angeles County Health Department had not responded to XBIZ by post time.