Ron Jeremy’s Ore. Swingers Club Opening June 19

PORTLAND, Ore. — Adult film legend Ron Jeremy will open an upscale swingers club called Club Sesso in downtown Portland on June 19.

Jeremy and business partner Paul Smith, who was partner and manager of Ace of Hearts, Portland’s formerly only legal swingers venue, own Club Sesso. It features 11 private rooms with king-size beds, a group area and couples-only lounge.

In a statement issued by Smith, Jeremy explains why he chose Portland for such an establishment.

“I love Portland,” Jeremy said. “Every time I am there, I am struck by how accepting people are of others’ sexual diversities. When we began to brainstorm Club Sesso, I immediately wanted to have Portland as our first location.

“I have enjoyed an amazing career solely due to the fact I was allowed my sexual freedom. I want to give other people the chance to enjoy their sexual freedom in a high-energy nightclub environment that is upscale and fun.”

Smith told XBIZ he and Jeremy are longtime friends that had the idea for Club Sesso while brainstorming ways to further capitalize on Jeremy's expertise in sexuality.

"He has enjoyed lots of sponsorships but has never had the chance to put his name on a brick and mortar establishment," Smith said. "Ron enjoys visiting swingers clubs while on travel and we thought this would be a good opportunity for him to lend his credibility to endorse a club that is exciting, safe and consensual."

Smith said Club Sesso will fill a void on the West Coast, as most swingers clubs take place within homes.

"Club Sesso has the high energy of an actual nightclub," he said. "It has a full bar and dancefloor with music from DJs."

Smith said the goal is to expand to include other locations, whether under a franchise arrangement or independent ownership.

Club Sesso will be open Friday through Sunday and is expected to draw between 100-300 people with themes such as “GangBang” and “Under 35” parties.

The club’s sponsors include Rockstar Energy Drinks and adult novelty manufacturer Liberator. Club Sesso will exclusively show videos courtesy of Hustler Video.

Club Sesso, located at 824 SW 1st Ave., has no sign on the building.

“We only display our address, ‘824,' as a means to offer our members the utmost in privacy,” the club’s site states.

The discreet club sits next to Portland’s World Trade Center.